Swedish Championship Categories

Categories for Competition

A season of water polo in Sweden extends from September 1 to June 30. 

You count as a Senior the year you reach 21 but players can still participate in senior-level series regardless of age. 

LUGI Water Polo will cover up to a certain amount for travel tournaments/games depending on the number of players attending on behalf of LUGI Water Polo. Any outside affiliations with other teams or clubs is the responsibility of the participating individual and must be discussed with the LUGI coach. 


Junior (U20)

USM A (U18)

USM B (U16)

Polocuppen / USM C (U14)

Poolkampen (U8-U12)

Thinking of giving Water Polo a try?

We offer a 3 practices free trial for any of our training groups at any point in the term. After these trainings have passed, the member has to decide whether or not they would like to join our club. If the member decides to join our club, an invoice will be sent out and required to be paid within 14 days. If the member does not pay the invoice, the member cannot attend any training after these 14 days have gone by. If a member has an issue with payment, we can offer payment plans for special occasions. If this is the case, please contact us at info@lugiwaterpolo.com so we can situate a payment plan for the member. For members joining halfway into the term, we will offer a deducted fee. For university students, we offer a discounted price for our Masters group, Adult swimming school as well as Sharks training groups.

Cancellation policy: 

LUGI Waterpolo does not have a cancellation policy. After the two weeks trial, and after the training fee + membership fee have been paid, we do not offer a refund if the member decides to no longer participate. The reason for not offering refunds is due to the nature of our club, being mostly a voluntary-based club. Thus, we do not have the capacity to handle more admin tasks that are required to offer refunds. In addition, we do pride ourselves on being affordable, and therefore we have made the decision to not offer any refunds for any of our training groups.