Vision & Values

LUGI was established in 1912 as part of Lunds University sports. The club took a pause during the early 2000s and was restarted again in 2012 with a new focus to be a family waterpolo club where everyone can train! The club is run by awesome volunteers, parents and is always welcoming new members!

Vision & Goals

The focus of the club is to provide players with an opportunity to engage in positive physical activity, become good team members and love water polo. From beginners and social players to elite athletes, we want to provide our athletes with experiences that are reflective of their ability level and ambition.

All training is done under the guidance of dedicated and caring coaches who strive to help each athlete meet their personal goals, nurture the skills of teamwork, fair play and respect for all. Through training and learning the sport of water polo we want to help our players not only be successful water polo team members but also be respectful, caring and contributing members of society.

Club CORE Values

These are a set of principles that help to guide the actions and behaviors of all our members on a day-to-day basis. These values apply at all levels of our club from board members to leaders, coaches, players and parents. You can find more information and a Swedish translation in the club member handbook under "Member Information".


We turn up and leave together, help each other out, and cheer for every team. We make space for everyone to participate and welcome people as they are.


We own our development and our mistakes and give 100% to master new skills, teamwork, and passion for the game.


We show respect for the rules, our opponents, officials, teammates, coaches and ourselves.


We constantly try our best with the goal to make ourselves, our team, and the game better.