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February 9, 2022

We will continue to keep members up to to date on the situation but please take responsibility and follow the recommendations to reduce the spread. Please stay home if you are even the slightest bit ill and find more information at the Public Health Agency's FAQ


The Sharks group are for those who want to play waterpolo in Sweden competitively. Good focus, water polo experience, training ability and discipline are required.

Our mens and women's teams come from around the world, some having played in their home country and now playing competitively in Sweden! 


This level is for players looking to gain experience to play at competitive level.

-Continue developing and refining water polo technique with higher emphasis on fitness and mastery of skills

-Regular practices carry expectation of high intensity and focused play at high level suitable for competition 

-This level is for players looking to gain experience to play sport at competitive level

-Play with intention to compete in tournaments 

Sea lions 

The aim of the sea lions is to build on technical and physical skills to play water polo games.

-Proficient in all swimming styles (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle)

-Are comfortable in deep water and can tread water

-Can swim 45 - 50 sec. for 50 meters

-Have basic ball handling skills 

Sea Cubs 

Here the focus is on elementary water polo techniques and improving swimming abilities.  

-Are comfortable being in the deep pool

Have some knowledge of different swimming styles 

-Are open to learning and improving swimming and ball skills 

Sea otters

Sea Otters are introduced to the sport of water polo by being taught basic water polo skills

- Provides introduction by teaching basic skills including egg beater, water polo swimming strokes, ball handling and rules of the game 

-Kids can learn how to swim and increase their comfort with the water through ball activities and games

-Preferred minimum age is 5yrs with some previous water experience. 

Kids WP Recruiting Video.mp4

Swimming School 

The swimming school is offered to children with no previous experience required, however the minimum age limit is 5 years old. 


Masters is a group for those who want to play water polo for fun and fitness! Perfect for swimmers, basketball, handball and rugby players, crossfitters and those who just love the water!

We run 10 week beginner courses, as well as accept players throughout the term. 

Morning swim/Crossfit 

Our morning swim/crossfit group are offered for players/parents who are 18+. There is no primary coach for the groups so it is recommended for those age 18+!