Leaders & The Board

Team Leaders & Coaches 

Every team has team leaders and coaches who make sure that training group/team runs smoothly throughout the term. Team leaders are volunteers (parents in youth groups and players in the senior groups) and our coaches receive compensation for their coaching time, but not matches/tournaments.



The Board Today

The board is elected once a year at the Annual Meeting and contains two elected roles (President + Treasurer) and other open positions. The board is responsible for setting the high-level strategy for the club, and decisions related to the official bylaws. 

President/Ordförande 2024

Nadja Carlborg info@lugiwaterpolo.com

Treasurer/Kassör 2024


Board Members 2023/2024:

Nadja Carlborg, President

Elena Baccolini

Tove Wennström

Viktoria Zsenits

Caroline Costeseque