COVID-19 UPDATES: December 22, 2020

In accordance with the new regulations provided by Svensk Simförbundet, members aged 2005 and older will be able to return to training for the new term in VT2021 starting Week 4, on January 25.

We will continue to keep members up to to date on the situation but please take responsibility and follow the recommendations to reduce the spread. Further information can be accessed at the Public Health Agency's FAQ.

We are planning a parent kick off meeting on Monday January 11, 2021 at Högevall with more information to come! We're excited to kick off the next term with introducing coaches, parents, players, etc.

The spring VT2021 term starts January and runs from week 4-23 at Högevall in Lund and week 24-35 at Källbybadet. We have various age groups for everyone!

For week 4-23 at Högevall:

Sea Otters train kl. 18-19 on Tuesdays & Thursdays in plaskbassangen.

Sea Lions train kl 19-20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the dykbassangen.

Dolphins train kl. 19.30-2.

Sharks train kl 20-21.30.

Masters/beginners train kl. 19-21 in the dykbassangen.

Morning swims are held kl. 6.30-7.30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.


Sharks are for those who want to play waterpolo in Sweden competitively. Good focus, training ability and discipline are required.

Our mens and womens teams come from around the world, some having played in their home country and others learning in Sweden. We are open to new players!


Dolphins start to play games, increase their conditioning and waterpolo specific skills. Here the focus is on teamwork, tactics and building up the base skills for game play. Has the option to compete in junior leagues in Swedish series.

Sea lions

Sea lions should be comfortable in deep water and start to focus on the basics of water polo. They will start to play practice games and learn how to work in a team and develop their strength and endurance in the water.

Kids WP Recruiting Video.mp4

Sea otters

Sea Otters are taught in a pool where we can raise and lower the floor so that everyone can reach the bottom. Here, kids can learn how to swim and increase their comfort with the water through ball activities and games. The preferred minimum age is 5yrs with some previous water experience.


Masters is a group for those who want to play water polo for fun and fitness! Perfect for swimmers, basketball, handball and rugby players, crossfitters and those who just love the water!

We run 10 week beginner courses, as well as accept players throughout the term. No experience required!

Email to come try waterpolo for free!