Summer at LUGI runs from week 25-33, every Thursday at the outdoor pool Källbybadet in Lund.

Kids/U12 train kl. 18-19 in the small pool.

Teens & Adults train kl. 19-21 in the 50m pool.

Email to come try summer waterpolo for free!


Seniors & Juniors

During the summer we mix all players who are confident in deep water to train together at the outdoor pool, Källbybadet in Lund.

Training: Tuesday & Thursday 19-20

We meet one hour before training to play football, volleyball or circuit training outside!

Juniors, seniors, masters, newbies are welcome!


During the summer we have free kids polo every thursday kl. 18-19 at the outdoor pool Källbybadet in Lund. This is perfect for kids ages 12/under.

We play in the small splash pool, where all players can stand and join in the game!

Kids WP Recruiting Video.mp4