Leadership Group:

The leadership group oversees the day-to-day management of the club. This group consists of volunteers who want to engage themselves, and has several established roles as well as space for new initiative takers. If you want to volunteer with an existing area of need or have an idea for a new role please email info@lugiwaterpolo.com. Our club relies on volunteers to make everything happen!

Sportschef/Sports Director: info@lugiwaterpolo.com

  • Organise official series and matches with other swimming federations

  • Coordinate bookings and training schedule with the pool

  • Coordinate collaboration with other clubs (Skåne/Öresund)


  • Sends member list to the pool

  • Facilitates logins & permissions in SportAdmin

  • Organises registration for new and existing players


  • Updates Facebook and Instagram accounts

  • Creates flyers, rollups, posters

  • Contacts newspapers about matches/events/the club

  • Oversees recruiting events (Hälsningsgillet, International fair)

Equipment and Apparel

  • Orders and distributes team apparel and suits

  • Maintains an oversight of current stock

  • Orders equipment for the groups as needed (balls, caps)

  • Discusses pricing with Treasurer and President

Education Coordinator

  • Ensures there is good sekretariat training each term

  • Finds training opportunities for coaches (eg. Skånesim, SISU)

Culture, Social & Fun Coordinator

  • Finds ways to educate and engage all members in LUGI culture

  • Engages parents, players and members in LUGI culture

Team Leaders & Coaches:

Every team has team leaders and coaches who make sure that training group/team runs smoothly throughout the term. Team leaders are volunteers (parents in youth groups and players in the senior groups) and our coaches receive compensation for their coaching time, but not matches/tournaments. Parents & players receive a roster of when and where to help for the season at the beginning of each term, and it’s the responsibility of the individual to coordinate any swaps if they can’t help on the assigned day.


  • Communicate information around training, matches and important dates

  • Organise schedule for parents/players to help with team duties

  • Organise travel and accommodation for matches

  • Communicate with ledningsgrupp about needs (recruiting, equipment, news, etc.)


  • Plans trainings for the season

  • Takes attendance, run warmup and training

  • Ensures equipment is returned to the correct place after training

  • Teaches LUGI values and waterpolo skills

The Board:

The board is elected once a year at the Annual Meeting and contains two elected roles (President + Treasurer) and three open positions. The board is responsible for setting the high level strategy for the club, and decisions related to the official bylaws.

President/Ordförande 2020 -ordforande@lugiwaterpolo.com

  • Delegates tasks, and ensure all aspects of club operation are performed successfully

  • Hires coaches with assistance of the Coach Coordinator

  • Oversees all monetary transactions and budget matters

  • Communicates and maintains relations with Simförbundet, Riksidrott and Lunds Kommun, handling all paperwork and official requests

Treasurer/Kassör 2021 - Julia Kinsolving kassor@lugiwaterpolo.com 0793042258

  • Creates budget and calculate fees with the president

  • Presents the budget to leadership group + coaches

  • Informs coaches of their budget for the season

  • Oversees all invoicing and money in the club, maintaining accurate records of transactions

  • Oversees fundraising events, applications for stipends/bidrag, & sponsorships

Board Members 2020:

Nadja Carlborg

Tove Wennström

Julia Kinsolving

Documents from past fiscal year