How to Help!

Leadership Group:

The leadership group oversees the day-to-day management of the club. This group consists of volunteers who want to engage themselves, and has several established roles as well as space for new initiative takers. If you want to volunteer with an existing area of need or have an idea for a new role please email Our club relies on volunteers to make everything happen!

Sportschef/Sports Director: (needed for 2022)

  • Organise official series and matches with other swimming federations

  • Coordinate bookings and training schedule with the pool

  • Coordinate collaboration with other clubs (Skåne/Öresund)

Administration: Julia Kinsolving (

  • Sends member list to the pool

  • Facilitates logins & permissions in SportAdmin

  • Organises registration for new and existing players

PR/Recruiting: Viktoria Zsenits & Zsuzsanna Vilhelm

  • Updates Facebook and Instagram accounts

  • Creates flyers, rollups, posters

  • Contacts newspapers about matches/events/the club

  • Oversees recruiting events (Hälsningsgillet, International fair)

Equipment & Apparel: Szilvia Johansson

  • Orders and distributes team apparel and suits

  • Maintains an oversight of current stock

  • Orders equipment for the groups as needed (balls, caps)

  • Discusses pricing with Treasurer and President

Education Coordinator (needed for 2022)

  • Ensures there is good sekretariat training each term

  • Finds training opportunities for coaches (eg. Skånesim, SISU)

Culture, Social, & Fun Coordinator (needed for 2022)

  • Finds ways to educate and engage all members in LUGI culture

  • Engages parents, players and members in LUGI culture

LUGI Parents Association

As a club, we are encouraging parents to join and build this association in order to facilitate the coaches of the club by helping with driving to matches, secretary duties, organizing social events/fikas, and overall making the operation of the club as smooth as possible!

The idea is also to make all parents with children in LUGI more committed to helping the club to develop further.

In addition to this, we as a club would like to maintain a good and close relationship with all the parents in order to grow at all levels in terms of structure and professionalism!

At the moment, we have not officially started this group, but if you are interested, please contact to see how you can help out LUGI!