Events Calendar

Please check out our Google Calendar below for trainings, games, and other important events!

  • Clubwide Lucia Celebration on Thursday, December 9 kl 19-21 where we will all be mixing groups and play a friendly game followed with some yummy luciakatter and good company!

  • USMB2 team is playing Friday, December 10 kl. 19 @ Burlöv vs SVA

  • USMC team is playing Tuesday, December 14 kl. 19 @ Högevallsbadet vs. RAN

Below are our registered groups for the HT2022 please look at our "Competition Groups" page for more information about which group you will compete in!

LUGI Water Polo Arena at Högevallsbadet, Lund, Sweden

Address: Högesvallgatan 3, 222 29 Lund