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Welcome to LUGI Water Polo
LUGI Water Polo was founded in 1912 as a part of the LUGI sports federation which contained several sports. Although later in 1993 the federation was disolved and all the sports became separate clubs. After the disolve of the federation an alliance was created which has the sole purpose of creating a sort of companionship for the different LUGI clubs.

LUGI today is one of Swedens biggest water polo clubs with one one hundred members, and we are aiming to get bigger.

Join us and start playing water polo now!{7353F3DC-1255-49A4-A580-9B44EA052E91}

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Play Water Polo in Autumn!
2018-08-15 20:00
Next week we start the new season at Högevallsbadet in Lund.

This year we are focusing foremost on children & youth polo, but also have training groups for both elite women/men and beginners/masters adults. Below is information about all the training groups.

Knattepolo Swimschool 8-under
Thursdays at. 18-19
500:- term
8u is taught in the teaching pool where we can raise and lower the floor so that everyone can reach the bottom. Here kids can learn how to swim and increase their comfort with the water through ball activities and games. There will be a lot of swimming technique, as well as splashing and fun, and always water polo! The goal is for everyone to love being in the water!

Poolkamp Swimschool 12-under
Tuesday or Thursday at. 18-19, Sunday at. 15-16
500:- term
12u is taught in out in Högevalls dive pool, where swimmers can not reach the bottom. Here kids can improve their sim technique, while learning to dive, play, and collaborate as a team. Here children can learn a little more about the water polo, and start playing on mini-goals with simple rules. The goal is for everyone to feel safe and have fun in the deep water.

Youth Polo 16-under
Tuesday and Thursday at. 19-20, Sunday at. 16-17
1500: - Termin
16u has much more focus on teamwork, water polo and swimming. In this group, swimming, ball skills, game comprehension and fitness is increased. We start thinking, collaborating and practicing as a team, supporting each other and ensuring that everyone is able to improve during the term. The goal is to improve their swimming and water polo skills, as well as learn to cooperate and support each other in a team.

Junior polo 20-under
Tuesday and Thursday at. 19-20, Sunday at. 17-18
2000: - Term
20u you can join as a beginner or experienced player. In this group, proper water polo is played, with a greater focus on gameplay, tactics and rules. 20u is a preparatory group for the adult series in spring term, and you usually train with adults. It requires more focus and discipline than the younger groups as the trainings are more structured. 

Elit Dam / Herr
Tuesday and Thursday at. 20-21.30, Sunday at. 17-18
2500: - Term
Elit is for those who want to compete at a high level within the water polo. Good focus, training ability and discipline are required.

Adult Masters
Wednesday at. 19-20, Sunday at. 18-19
1000: - Term
Masters is a group for those who want to work out and play water polo in a sociable way. Wednesdays we have mainly beginners and more focus on technique, Sundays, so we have social matches where beginners, intermediates and alumni play.

More info:

Germany camp with Järfälla
2018-08-15 12:16
LUGI had the opportunity to join Järfälla on their 47th camp in Germany. 4 junior players and 2 coaches joined for two weeks of hard training, fun games and building friendships.

The camp started with a freindly training and match against HÄVP at Vejbeybadet in Skåne. The next day we took the ferry and drove all the way down to Hannover, where we would be for the first week. LUGIs womens goalie Madeleine played in Hannover when she was younger, when she played for Järfälla, so we met some of her old teammates! Staying at the canoe club, it was a very short walk to the pool and the canal. Every morning was a 2 hour waterpolo session, and every evening we had games against WASPO, the local club whose men won the German league. It was great to see how Järfälla trains, and to learn some new skills. It was VERY HOT (35-40C every day) so most of the afternoons were spent swimming in the canal, and we even got to test canoes one day! 

At the end of the first week we jumped in the cars and travelled down to Hamm, where Järfälla has been visiting since the 70s. Here we had swimming sessions every morning (we couldnt play waterpolo since the pool was too full of people! 39C again!) and had some good yoga sessions for those who were feeling the effects of 2 trainings a day! In the evenings we played against the local club Röte Erde. This pool had waterslides so we had a lot of fun on those after the evening trainings. We also visited a local funpark and an icecreamshop which made icecream that looks like spaghetti! One day we had thunder and lightning (a relief after the hot weather) so instead of training had a talent show. LUGIs girls performed a great scetch about waterpolo nutrition (which naturally ended with everyone covered in nutella and banana) and we had a lot of fun. 

The coaches and players from Järfälla were amazing and we had an awesome time. Were so grateful for the opportunity to participate, learn and make new waterpolo friends!

Matchreport: Womens LUGI Euro Finans - SPIF
Below is a match report from the womens coach Patrik Bark.

The Bronze Match in Ladies Elite Series was between the Lugi Ladies Eurofinans and the Stockholm Police. Lugi had great hopes that he could now win a victory and went up to Stockholm with a positive feeling and good self-esteem after only a 2 goal loss last. In the first period, however, Lugi Ladies suffered from 3 expulsions, but thanks to Madeleine Swärdbys goalkeeper and the fantastic defense of the defense, the police only took the lead by 1-0. In others, the expulsions continued to hail over Lugis girls despite the fact that polices routine national team players should have had no clear expulsions against them. The game became tougher and harder, which resulted in the blood of a Lugis player. The upheaval increased on the judges because it was the injured player in Lugi who was expelled. With the expulsion, the police could go to half-time with 2-0. In the third period, Lugi started the best and with a nice center goal, Lugis Laura Griffin could reduce to 1-2. And by just the speed, Michelle Hawkins scored 2-2. Now the match stood and weighed and Lugis girls played better and better. Now also expulsions began to hit the police. But with some wrong decisions in a man more and in free-kick contravenes, Lugis ladies dropped the initiative and instead of taking the lead, the police could contend in 4 fast goals. Before the final period, Lugi was under 6-2. In the last period, the law again played very evenly and they were followed in the goal record. The clock ticked off very quickly and Malva Bark succeeded with a long shot at the intersection reducing Polices leadership. All players got playing time and at the end Rike Weber was able to fight the final score 4-8. Despite the loss, Lugis water police team has taken a big step forward during the season and came closer to the other teams. We look forward to the next season and summers BeachSm in the water polo on 6-8 July at the Citadel in Landskrona.

Goalscorers Lugi Ladies Eurofinans
Michelle Hawkins
Laura Griffin
Malva Bark
Rich weber

MVP Madeleine Swärdby
Matchreport: Mens LUGI Euro Finans - LSF
Below is a match report from the match between the LUGI men about the bronze against LSF.

This match was no further for the wine-loving gentlemen, untouched on a bronze match and the lack of some players made LUGI only 11 players in the seasons bronze match. LSF was tagged a thousand and took the command directly with several simple contradictions where LUGIs Francesco Sacco stood completely alone for the defense. 5-1 had LSF received in a short time. In the third period, LUGI started to enter the match so little, but in the end, LSF wanted more, showed better both physical form and mental attitude and won with simple 15-6 against the men and thus could be titled as bronze medalists in the elite season 2017/2018. The home-made international players Christopher Vang (Canada) and Hans Zdolsek (USA) made LSF have a different pressure in the attack and the match generally than the team had last when LUGI won at home in Lund.

Thats why the season is over for our winered gentlemen, and now a little easier summer training is waiting for the next season, 2018/2019, which will start officially in September.
Matchreport: Mens Eliteseries Semifinal 2
The men from Skåne failed to get a third semifinal match against the Stockholm men. It became a very hard match with pressure from all directions and only a total of thirteen exposures total. Below is a report from the match.

LUGI Euro Finance - SPIF: 6-8 (0-2,2-2,1-2,3-2)

LUGI Euro Finance:
Frederik Korbel 3, Kim Hansson, Moulham Abboud, Sebastiano Imme 1-1-1.

SPIF: Oskar Thiel 4, Emre Cubukcu 2, Mark Conrad, Marko Petrovic 1-1.

Period 1: SPIF wins vigorously, Vicente Tirado plays in to Emre Cubudkcu at the center who succeed in surprise the LUGI centerback Justus Gremsperger as well as goalkeeper Francesco Sacco, 1-0 to SPIF after 19 seconds into the match. LUGI takes up the attack, Kim Hansson gets a nice passport delivered from Justus Gremsperger to the center position but there Mehdi Malek in the SPIF goal is ready. Oskar Thiel answers again for SPIF, from center position, 2-0 to SPIF.

Period 2: LUGIs Frederick Korbel puts 1-2 to LUGI after only 45 seconds into the second period. Mark Conrad steals the ball from Leonidas Athanasoulias, contrasted and puts it 3-1 to SPIF. Oskar Thiel again from center position 4-1 before LUGI Sebastiano Imme immediately answers with reduction goals. 4-2 to SPIF after two periods.

Period 3: LUGIs Kim Hansson opens up for LUGI with a shot from outside, SPIF now only leads with one goal. 4-3. However, the joy will be short before Oskar Thiel and Emre Cubukcu step forward and find the net 6-3 to SPIF.

Period 4: Kantas of equal tough pressure just like the other periods. LUGI gets more, plays around, Kim Hansson assists Moulham Abboud inside the post that thunders your 4-6, the jump is still alive. Again, the defense falls and SPIF comes to the end resulting in goals from both Marko Petrovic as well as Oskar Thiel with his fourth goal in the match for the day. 8-4. Frederick Korbel of LUGI, when you take the command directly and enter 5-8 with 1.28 left of the match. SPIF gets one more, LUGI steals the ball through good defense, counter and re-enters the ball, again through Frederick Korbel, 6-8 with 27 seconds left. LUGI has no opportunity but gets two expulsions against him and SPIF can thus titulate as SM finalists even for this season.

The LUGI men will on the 9th of June at 13.00 to meet either LSF or Järfälla depending on how their semifinals go. The Bronze Match will be in Stockholm.
LUGI is arranging a swimschool this summer for kids in the ages between 8 - 14.

Sign up using the following link:{B4DA2C43-1C24-4F2F-8F2D-0B7CDA43C4BB}

Welcome to LUGI Water Polo!
FINA Water Polo World Conference
On April 26-28, FINA had its world-class water polon conference. During the conference, regulatory changes have been lifted and how water poles can be seen more and compete with other sports in the world.

Read more on FINAs own website:
Report: Womens Elitseries
Below is a match report from the weekends elite matches in the womens category:

Here is from the weekend Elitserien Stockhom 21-22 April We went up to Stockholm with the LUGI Ladies to play three tough water polymers during the weekend.

Saturdays first match played Lugi against Neptune. We knew it would be a tough task against a strong resistance with good center play. Everybody struggled and Lugi let everyone play. The team made their best match so far in the season. But was not quite enough. Lugi let the three juniors Amalia Winberg Josefin Andréasson Nelly Gullander, who dealt with that honor, get a lot of playing time.

Final result Neptune 17 Lugi 3

Lugis Ladies Goalie
Rich weber
Malva Bark
Valetina Vitali

Next match was against Swedens best team Järfälla. Lugi started off with a good defense and good goalkeeper. Lugi had many nice attempts and brought back the results that resulted. After half the match, Järfälla led by 10-3. In the third period, Lugi let all players play and made a planned goalkeeper by Järfälla won convincingly with 27-6. At this match, the junior Guro played very well and also made a penalty.

Lugi Ladies Goalie
Michelle Hawkins 3
Rike Weber 2
Valentina Vitali 1

The Sunday match was against the police and it proved to be a tough event. The team was incredibly even with Lugis youthful energy and the polices lansdahl experience. The police took the lead 3-0 in the first period despite many chances for Lugi. With good defense Lugi could come back to 3-2. After hard and tough play, the match ended 4-2 for polices advantage. With the fighter and Lugis good goalkeeper Madeleine Svärdby, this Lugi was the ladies best bet in the elite series.

Lugi Ladies goalkeeper
Michelle Hawkins 2

Despite the losses, Lugis ladies have come closer to the Stockholm team and learned what they need to measure with the best. Come and watch the worlds toughest sport on May 5-6 in Lund. Then we will take them.

Patrik Bark
Womens Team
Report from this weekends coaching clinic
On the weekend of 14-15 April, LUGI Water Polo organized a collaboration with Skåneidrotten and Idrottslyftet, a clinic for water polo coaches. The clinic was the first of many thought and became an extremely big success, a total of 22 registered coaches from different clubs, including 6 from LUGI and 3 from SK Ran, the other trainers came from other clubs around Sweden and some coaches even came from Denmark.

The idea of ​​the entire clinic was first and foremost the focus on the Skåne clubs, of course, to promote the Skåne water polo, but the invitation also went out to all other clubs in the whole district. The reason for this was that clubs that might want to start a water polo earlier did not feel that they had a skilled trainer could send their intended coach at a clinic to get it started.

Below you can read the report that Ervin Babic has compiled for LUGI after the completed clinic, please.

Coaching Clinic
Location: Conference room and competition pool at Högevallsbadet, Lund.
Date: 14/15 April 2018

The seminar aims to show how professionals and development are done by water polo players in different categories. The two-day clinic is divided into two parts where we divided the work into different categories with specific topics.

Day 1.
In the first part on Saturday, April 14, 2018 we had a 3-hour room for theoretical lectures in the morning and a 3 hour swimming pool for the practical part of the lesson. The first day was based on the work in the following categories:
a) Water polo school 8-11 years
b) U 12
c) U 14
d) u 16

Subjects for the theoretical part were:
1. Coach in water polo

2. Objectives and organization of professional work in clubs

3. Methodical approach (work with young players)

These topics also featured basic models and exercises for the above categories. More details we talked about were the water polo school, opportunities in the training process and specific rules in training and games.
During the second part of the day we had the practical part of the seminar. The practical part also referred to the same categories as theoretical. Basic individual and group exercises with and without ball were presented. We also presented possible forms of training under specific conditions and we chose the importance of exercises for the better development of children in the water polo school.

Day 2.
The second day, like the first, began with theoretical lectures about 3 hours in the morning. For the second day, focus was on the following categories:

a) U 18
b) Senior
Subjects for the theoretical part were:

1. Training periods

2. Water polo-specific strength and power exercises in pairs
3. Scenario of contravention attacks within the water polo

We started the lecture on the accumulation of water polo where we focused on the preparation of annual plans and programs for junior and senior teams on main competitions. Then we talked about the importance of special exercise in the water polo. We introduced specific couples in pairs. The final part of the theoretical lecture was intended for counter attack and specific situations against counterattack, where we explained by example how training is applied and what main stages are available.
In the second part, we also had a practical part at the pool in 3 hours, and before the training we saw an interesting senior game (LUGI gentlemen against LSF gentlemen). The coach was tasked to concentrate on the counter attack and see opportunities and bugs in two teams for that segment of the game.

Finally, as a leader, I would like to point out that in 2 days we have managed to achieve our goals. A group of 22 trainers in two days participated actively in both the practical and theoretical part of the seminar. Through the process, we directly compared the workflow of all clubs and tried to improve certain work segments.

I would like to thank the water polo club LUGI for the excellent organization of seminars where, as a leader and other participants, I had all the prerequisites for a quality experience of the seminar.

Ervin Babic
Clinic Manager