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Welcome to LUGI 2019!
Poolschedule for the spring semester 2019 weeks 2-24 (Not week 8) Misstake, wednesdays 19-20, not 18-19.
Hello everybody and warm welcome to a new year with LUGI Water Polo!

New for this year is that we are expanding our U8 swimming school with an extra training time a week as you can see in the schedule.

The men have unfortunately been forced to pull out of the Elitserien, but the LUGI women are very strong and are participating in the womens Elitserie.

LUGI also puts up a team in the USM A (U18) championships on the womens side.

During the year 2018, the club has grown a lot in the children section primarily and it is a pleasure to see all our little wine-red children thrive in the water.

On our website you will find all information about water polo in its entirety, our fees, our trainers and various other things, just make sure to click around a little  here and there. ;-)

Important to keep an eye on is the clubs yearly calendar that you find at the top of the tabs called Årskalender, where you will find information about break weeks, cancellations, matches and more.

Also, feel free to order clothes in our webshop.

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