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Germany camp with Järfälla
2018-08-15 12:16
LUGI had the opportunity to join Järfälla on their 47th camp in Germany. 4 junior players and 2 coaches joined for two weeks of hard training, fun games and building friendships.

The camp started with a freindly training and match against HÄVP at Vejbeybadet in Skåne. The next day we took the ferry and drove all the way down to Hannover, where we would be for the first week. LUGIs womens goalie Madeleine played in Hannover when she was younger, when she played for Järfälla, so we met some of her old teammates! Staying at the canoe club, it was a very short walk to the pool and the canal. Every morning was a 2 hour waterpolo session, and every evening we had games against WASPO, the local club whose men won the German league. It was great to see how Järfälla trains, and to learn some new skills. It was VERY HOT (35-40C every day) so most of the afternoons were spent swimming in the canal, and we even got to test canoes one day! 

At the end of the first week we jumped in the cars and travelled down to Hamm, where Järfälla has been visiting since the 70s. Here we had swimming sessions every morning (we couldnt play waterpolo since the pool was too full of people! 39C again!) and had some good yoga sessions for those who were feeling the effects of 2 trainings a day! In the evenings we played against the local club Röte Erde. This pool had waterslides so we had a lot of fun on those after the evening trainings. We also visited a local funpark and an icecreamshop which made icecream that looks like spaghetti! One day we had thunder and lightning (a relief after the hot weather) so instead of training had a talent show. LUGIs girls performed a great scetch about waterpolo nutrition (which naturally ended with everyone covered in nutella and banana) and we had a lot of fun. 

The coaches and players from Järfälla were amazing and we had an awesome time. Were so grateful for the opportunity to participate, learn and make new waterpolo friends!