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Play Water Polo in Autumn!
2018-08-15 20:00
Next week we start the new season at Högevallsbadet in Lund.

This year we are focusing foremost on children & youth polo, but also have training groups for both elite women/men and beginners/masters adults. Below is information about all the training groups.

Knattepolo Swimschool 8-under
Thursdays at. 18-19
500:- term
8u is taught in the teaching pool where we can raise and lower the floor so that everyone can reach the bottom. Here kids can learn how to swim and increase their comfort with the water through ball activities and games. There will be a lot of swimming technique, as well as splashing and fun, and always water polo! The goal is for everyone to love being in the water!

Poolkamp Swimschool 12-under
Tuesday or Thursday at. 18-19, Sunday at. 15-16
500:- term
12u is taught in out in Högevalls dive pool, where swimmers can not reach the bottom. Here kids can improve their sim technique, while learning to dive, play, and collaborate as a team. Here children can learn a little more about the water polo, and start playing on mini-goals with simple rules. The goal is for everyone to feel safe and have fun in the deep water.

Youth Polo 16-under
Tuesday and Thursday at. 19-20, Sunday at. 16-17
1500: - Termin
16u has much more focus on teamwork, water polo and swimming. In this group, swimming, ball skills, game comprehension and fitness is increased. We start thinking, collaborating and practicing as a team, supporting each other and ensuring that everyone is able to improve during the term. The goal is to improve their swimming and water polo skills, as well as learn to cooperate and support each other in a team.

Junior polo 20-under
Tuesday and Thursday at. 19-20, Sunday at. 17-18
2000: - Term
20u you can join as a beginner or experienced player. In this group, proper water polo is played, with a greater focus on gameplay, tactics and rules. 20u is a preparatory group for the adult series in spring term, and you usually train with adults. It requires more focus and discipline than the younger groups as the trainings are more structured. 

Elit Dam / Herr
Tuesday and Thursday at. 20-21.30, Sunday at. 17-18
2500: - Term
Elit is for those who want to compete at a high level within the water polo. Good focus, training ability and discipline are required.

Adult Masters
Wednesday at. 19-20, Sunday at. 18-19
1000: - Term
Masters is a group for those who want to work out and play water polo in a sociable way. Wednesdays we have mainly beginners and more focus on technique, Sundays, so we have social matches where beginners, intermediates and alumni play.

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