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Matchreport: Mens Eliteseries Semifinal 2
The men from Skåne failed to get a third semifinal match against the Stockholm men. It became a very hard match with pressure from all directions and only a total of thirteen exposures total. Below is a report from the match.

LUGI Euro Finance - SPIF: 6-8 (0-2,2-2,1-2,3-2)

LUGI Euro Finance:
Frederik Korbel 3, Kim Hansson, Moulham Abboud, Sebastiano Imme 1-1-1.

SPIF: Oskar Thiel 4, Emre Cubukcu 2, Mark Conrad, Marko Petrovic 1-1.

Period 1: SPIF wins vigorously, Vicente Tirado plays in to Emre Cubudkcu at the center who succeed in surprise the LUGI centerback Justus Gremsperger as well as goalkeeper Francesco Sacco, 1-0 to SPIF after 19 seconds into the match. LUGI takes up the attack, Kim Hansson gets a nice passport delivered from Justus Gremsperger to the center position but there Mehdi Malek in the SPIF goal is ready. Oskar Thiel answers again for SPIF, from center position, 2-0 to SPIF.

Period 2: LUGIs Frederick Korbel puts 1-2 to LUGI after only 45 seconds into the second period. Mark Conrad steals the ball from Leonidas Athanasoulias, contrasted and puts it 3-1 to SPIF. Oskar Thiel again from center position 4-1 before LUGI Sebastiano Imme immediately answers with reduction goals. 4-2 to SPIF after two periods.

Period 3: LUGIs Kim Hansson opens up for LUGI with a shot from outside, SPIF now only leads with one goal. 4-3. However, the joy will be short before Oskar Thiel and Emre Cubukcu step forward and find the net 6-3 to SPIF.

Period 4: Kantas of equal tough pressure just like the other periods. LUGI gets more, plays around, Kim Hansson assists Moulham Abboud inside the post that thunders your 4-6, the jump is still alive. Again, the defense falls and SPIF comes to the end resulting in goals from both Marko Petrovic as well as Oskar Thiel with his fourth goal in the match for the day. 8-4. Frederick Korbel of LUGI, when you take the command directly and enter 5-8 with 1.28 left of the match. SPIF gets one more, LUGI steals the ball through good defense, counter and re-enters the ball, again through Frederick Korbel, 6-8 with 27 seconds left. LUGI has no opportunity but gets two expulsions against him and SPIF can thus titulate as SM finalists even for this season.

The LUGI men will on the 9th of June at 13.00 to meet either LSF or Järfälla depending on how their semifinals go. The Bronze Match will be in Stockholm.