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Report from this weekends coaching clinic
On the weekend of 14-15 April, LUGI Water Polo organized a collaboration with Skåneidrotten and Idrottslyftet, a clinic for water polo coaches. The clinic was the first of many thought and became an extremely big success, a total of 22 registered coaches from different clubs, including 6 from LUGI and 3 from SK Ran, the other trainers came from other clubs around Sweden and some coaches even came from Denmark.

The idea of ​​the entire clinic was first and foremost the focus on the Skåne clubs, of course, to promote the Skåne water polo, but the invitation also went out to all other clubs in the whole district. The reason for this was that clubs that might want to start a water polo earlier did not feel that they had a skilled trainer could send their intended coach at a clinic to get it started.

Below you can read the report that Ervin Babic has compiled for LUGI after the completed clinic, please.

Coaching Clinic
Location: Conference room and competition pool at Högevallsbadet, Lund.
Date: 14/15 April 2018

The seminar aims to show how professionals and development are done by water polo players in different categories. The two-day clinic is divided into two parts where we divided the work into different categories with specific topics.

Day 1.
In the first part on Saturday, April 14, 2018 we had a 3-hour room for theoretical lectures in the morning and a 3 hour swimming pool for the practical part of the lesson. The first day was based on the work in the following categories:
a) Water polo school 8-11 years
b) U 12
c) U 14
d) u 16

Subjects for the theoretical part were:
1. Coach in water polo

2. Objectives and organization of professional work in clubs

3. Methodical approach (work with young players)

These topics also featured basic models and exercises for the above categories. More details we talked about were the water polo school, opportunities in the training process and specific rules in training and games.
During the second part of the day we had the practical part of the seminar. The practical part also referred to the same categories as theoretical. Basic individual and group exercises with and without ball were presented. We also presented possible forms of training under specific conditions and we chose the importance of exercises for the better development of children in the water polo school.

Day 2.
The second day, like the first, began with theoretical lectures about 3 hours in the morning. For the second day, focus was on the following categories:

a) U 18
b) Senior
Subjects for the theoretical part were:

1. Training periods

2. Water polo-specific strength and power exercises in pairs
3. Scenario of contravention attacks within the water polo

We started the lecture on the accumulation of water polo where we focused on the preparation of annual plans and programs for junior and senior teams on main competitions. Then we talked about the importance of special exercise in the water polo. We introduced specific couples in pairs. The final part of the theoretical lecture was intended for counter attack and specific situations against counterattack, where we explained by example how training is applied and what main stages are available.
In the second part, we also had a practical part at the pool in 3 hours, and before the training we saw an interesting senior game (LUGI gentlemen against LSF gentlemen). The coach was tasked to concentrate on the counter attack and see opportunities and bugs in two teams for that segment of the game.

Finally, as a leader, I would like to point out that in 2 days we have managed to achieve our goals. A group of 22 trainers in two days participated actively in both the practical and theoretical part of the seminar. Through the process, we directly compared the workflow of all clubs and tried to improve certain work segments.

I would like to thank the water polo club LUGI for the excellent organization of seminars where, as a leader and other participants, I had all the prerequisites for a quality experience of the seminar.

Ervin Babic
Clinic Manager