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In front of tomorrows match against LSF we can only find one thing, never before, there has been a water polo in Sweden with five left-handers. This will pull up the games pace, games and strategies. On the LSF side we see young Hugo Nedstrand with Loke Gulwer as the leading left shooter. In LUGI we see former LSF player Johan Lyckenvik, Swiss Nicolas Otti and team captain Kim Hansson who stand for the left-handed shooters.

LSF setup:
1. Markus Zdolsek (K)
2. John Sandlund
3. Georg Zdolsek
4. Amer Ali
5. Toni Nikolic
6. Susanna Zdolsek
7. Marco Cirillo
8. Jakob Lundqvist
9. Niklas Greberg
10. Hugo Nedstrand
11. Loke Gulwer
12. Henrik Palm
13. Carl Simon Ellingsen Larsson

LUGI Euro Finance Shelf:
1. Francesco Sacco
2. Moulham Abboud
3. William Latak
4. Nicolas Otti
5. Johan Lyckenvik
6. Filip Wennberg
7. Ramez Ghannam
8. Justus Gremsperger
9. Seth von Dardel
10. Kim Hansson (K)
11. Leonidas Athanasoulias
12. Sebastiano Imme
14. Tadas Paskevicius

Warm welcome to Högevallsbadet at 14.00 tomorrow, Sunday 15/4!